Uncivilized will compel you to find your own Appalachian Trail...

...And realize you've been holding a compass all your life.

An Epoch like no other.

We couldn’t all wait for The Great Resignation to leave our lives as we knew them. Since its completion in 1968, nearly 200,000 people have bidden farewell to civilization for the world’s longest footpath: The Appalachian Trail.

After a string of sudden and impractical events, the man who would become Idaho Bones rang in his 28th birthday unemployed, single, and homeless. Having never pitched a tent outside a backyard, somehow this newfound freedom led Idaho to the Appalachian mountains. To loved ones, he insisted that he wasn’t seeking anything to “heal and fix” him. This journey was only about adventure.

Amidst 2,200 miles of bruises, bears, and brutal weather, there was plenty of adventure to be found. Idaho met widows, ex-convicts, self-proclaimed cowboys, and all breeds of not-so-lost vagabonds.

He didn’t expect to meet himself.

After a nearly fatal accident in a ferocious thunderstorm, he was forced to reconcile with the question he’d dodged so many times: what really lured him to the trail? Each remaining step brought Idaho Bones closer to equanimity, forgiveness, and the discovery that within all of us is an ancient instinct that knows the best path forward. Always.